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Management History

Famous People in Management 
and Why They are Famous
____ management used math to determine the one best way to do things
The sun sets here
Small part of a folder or computer screen that separates items
The Gilbreths used these to represent individual motions
___ of labor - making jobs smaller and simpler
Unit of corn
Helps you keep neat when eating
This form of organization was designed to be impersonal, standardized and efficient
Neither's partner
Industrious little insect
An expected, required or limited amount
McGregor created the Hot Stove _____
McGregor says a manager with this attitude trusts employees and treats them accordingly
The practice of hiring people based on their social connections rather than their skills
Postal abbreviation for Santa Fe's state
Taylor said to find one ___ way
____ effect - when a people act in accordance with how they are treated
Part of the chorus in a song about Old McDonald
Part of a circle
Our planet
Abbreviation for "et cetera"
The Father of Scientific Management
Cast, hurl
To distribute cards for poker
Take a load off
Teach a worker to do something
The country where the RCMP (mounties) operate
He was part of the Hawthorne Studies
The ___ Relations movement was started when the results of the Hawthorne Studies were surprising
Something to write with
Any amount
Managers in the early 1900s were seeking this, so they could produce more with the same resources
Not flat
___ Gilbreth did time and motion studies
He created bureaucracy
Move with a spoon
Paper telling a price
McGregor says a manager with this attitude does not trust employees and treats them accordingly
Abbreviation for the Hazleton 4 year business degree
Division of ____ - people specialize in different jobs
Part of a bikini
Needed to play baseball
___ effect - when people act differently because they are being studied
Unit of hay
Capital of Norway
Choose from among options
Create sound from a bell
Like an inactive gas
He wrote "Wealth of Nations"
A way to prepare coffee
What you eat, probably several times a day
___ Gilbreth continued on with time and motion studies after her husband died
Department dealing with employees
Type of powder
Hunter in the sky
Make noise with your fingers
Score in football
Abbreviation relating to trademarks
Type of music
How a pirate says "yes"
Hours from midnight to noon