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2nd Grade Study Guide-Fitness

Teacher: Coach Mata
Fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy.
Makes your muscles stronger. A stronger heart muscle can pump more blood to your body. Exercising for 60 minutes every day can help make you physically fit and stay healthy.
Signs that you are exercising are: heart beats faster, your breathing increases, you start sweating and your muscles can get sore or tired.
These work together so you can exercise for a long time. This is called CARDIORESPIRATORY ENDURANCE.
Before exercise are important to prevent muscle injuries and get the body ready for physical activity.
Using all your muscle strength once.
Is an activity you can do for a long time without getting tired. Example would be: walking
Bending or stretching your muscles.
Having your muscles work for a LONG time.
Allows your heart rate to get back to its normal rate and also helps prevent injuries.
An activity that uses a lot of energy and you would need frequent breaks. Example would be: running, playing a tag game or playing in a game of soccer.