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Ch. 10 Review: Ancient Greece

All of the work in Sparta was done by who?
The word that comes from two words meaning "people" and "rule" is what?
The climate zone that is neither too hot nor too cold
The marketplace
The amount of rain, snow or sleet an area receives is called what?
The religious center of the city
A large group of foot soldiers, armed with shields and spears and trained to move together
Weather conditions of a region over a period of many years
The Greek god that was honored by the Olympic games
Greece is located on this peninsula
Usually the largest gathering place in the Greek city-state
A singing poet
Torrid means
Which alphabet did the Greeks borrow and add vowels to?
Alexander the Great's short life was prophesied in this book of the Bible.
Alexander the Great's empire extended as Far East as ____.
A freed slave who wrote fables.