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History Chapter 9

Defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans
Wrote the Star Spangled Banner
Most famous missionaries to Oregon
Father of American Missions
Started New York City's first Sunday School
Nickname for the miners who took part in the California Gold Rush
Wrote the first dictionary and the Blue-backed speller
Preacher who traveled from town to town on horseback
Third President; purchased the Louisiana Purchase
Frontiersman from Tennessee who helped the Texans fight at the Alamo
Dictator of Mexico who led the Mexican forces at the Alamo
Explored the Louisiana Territory
The movement of the forty-niners westward in 1849 when gold was discovered in California in 1848
Sent by President Fillmore to open Japan to trade with the US
Purchased Florida from the Spanish
Spanish Mission where Texans and other Americans fought the Mexican army to the last man
Methodist evangelist who established circuit-riding preachers
City in Missouri that marked the beginning of the Oregon Trail
Defeated Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto and later became president of Texas
The spiritual revival that began in 1790s
Guaranteed certain freedoms in the Northwest Territories
First major man-made canal in the United States
First US diplomatic representative to Japan; his treaty opened Japan for trade and to Christian missionaries
Preached to wounded Confederate soldiers
Name of place where Daniel Boone wanted to live
The seventeenth state