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The Great Cars of History

The logo is made up of 4 Rings
Known by its bow tie emblem
Richard Nixon was known to drive this 1950's model car
Used as military vehicles because of their 4 Wheel Drive Capability
Dwight D Eisenhower favored this 1956 model car
A Sports Car born in the 1950's
This car was designed by an 18 year old Hungarian Student in 1925
The company who produced this car was founded in 1910 under the name ALFA
Elvis Presley was known to drive this 1950's brand of car
A 1953 Luxury Car, also know for his role as a race car in Cars the movie
Founded by a man named the 2nd largest family owned company in the world
Engineered by Walter Owen Bentley
A machine, that uses internal combustion to give motive power to a vehicle
A rubber covering placed over a wheel, that makes contact with the road
A metal cover for the hub of a vehicles wheel