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Ancient Persia

Name: ________________________________
Holy writings of Zoroastrianism.
Followers of Zoroastrianism in modern Iran and India.
The Persian king's special force.
A battle between the Greeks and Persians took place in 490 BC here, near Athens.
Cyrus began this dynasty
Cyrus II led a revolt against these people.
Reigned over Parthia 171 - 138 BC.
Another name for the wars between the Persians and Greeks.
Ceremonial capital of the Persians under Darius.
Darius conquered as far east as this river.
Capital city of Persia after Darius came to power.
First name of the kingdom of Lydia
Another name for a province under Darius.
Founder of the main religion of Persia.
Conquered the Persian Empire
Location of a naval battle between the Greeks and Persians.
These mountains line the Caspian Sea.
A gold coin stamped with the image of the king.
This was an inscription carved into the side of the Zagros Mountains
Ancient Persia is located in what is known today as ________.
Ruler after Cyrus II.
Priests of the Persian Empire.
Another title for Darius I.
Last of the strong Achaemenid kings
The Father of History
Succeeded Mithradates I in 138 BC.
Old Persian was written in this, that was similar to the Sumerians.
Defeated the Parthians in the second century AD
Deciphered Old Persian
Capitol city of Lydia, captured by Cyrus II.
King of the Babylonians when Persia conquered them.
Common tongue of the Persian Empire.
Son and successor of Darius
Conquered the last Sassanian king and introduced Islam.
This road stretched 1600 miles from Susa to Sardis.