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Black History Crossword #1

Above__ __, 1994 urban drama starring Tupac Shakur set around street basketball
__ Ranks had the 1988 reggae hit "Mr Loverman"
Boxer with the nickname Real Deal
Late author of "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"
Former Leader of the Nation of Islam
Public Enemy member; __ Flav
African country bordered by Angola and South Africa
Gail Fisher is the only Black actress to receive this award given by the Lee Strasberg Actors Studio
One __, popular vitamin brand name
Popular African American lifestyle magazine
Sir Mix-A-Lot's girl must have plenty of this
__ Webb, shortest player to win the NBA slam dunk contest
1992 comedy with Damon Wayans as a con man that goes straight after he falls in love
__Brown, jazz guitarist with smash "94 album "After the Storm"
James T __, elected in 1873, was one of the first Blacks to represent Alabama in Congress
1997 gangster movie starring Lawrence Fishburne as Bumpy Johnson
Franklin __, one of the four students that staged the Civil Rights sit-in movement in 1960 F.W Woolworth's
"How to be a __" '97 comedy starring Bill Bellamy as a smooth operating womanizer
Gale __, star running back for the Chicago Bears in the 1960s
Brand New __, British band that blends soul with a jazz/funk twist
Joshua __, saxophonist that cut the 1996 album Freedom in the Groove
__ Wells, she had the hit song "My Guy"
Had the 1994 hit "Kiss from a Rose" from the Batman soundtrack
Singer Bofill or activist Davis
Toni Morrison's novel
He had the 2013 hit song "All of Me"
Donald Gaines __ in 1935 was denied entry into the Univ of Maryland Law school, but the NAACP fought and got him admitted.
Lionel __, legendary jazz vibraphone player and bandleader
Term used to describe the racist segregation laws in the South
Cecil __, he hit 51 home runs for the Detroit Tigers in 1990
Ralph __, received Nobel Peace Prize in 1980 for peace negotiations in the Middle East
In 1968, she became the first Black woman to have a weekly T.V series; Diahann _
He starred in the 1961 classic "A Raisin in the Sun"
Tommy and Jimmy __, jazzy band leader brothers during the Big Band era
Ziggy __, one of Bob's sons
Jimmy and Mama __, husband and wife boogie woogie blues team
"Love and Basketball Actor; __ Epps
He played the father on the classic "Good Times" tv series