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Black History Crossword #2

__ "Hurricane" Carter, (boxer wrongfully convicted of murder but later freed after 20yrs in prison
__ Jones, 1974 Kung Fu action flick about self defense school in Watts combating the Mafia
J.B __, in 1949 bought and operated the first Black radio station in Atlanta
He was the first Black anchor on CNN
Charlie __ played tenor sax in the Thelonius Monk Quartet
Number two on the baseball homerun list
Leader of the 1980's band The Time
Style of Jamaican music
He won four gold medals in track and field at the 1936 Olympics
He produced the award winning 2001 documentary on Jazz
Eddie Murphy movie "__ Professor"
Barney __, won three medals in track and field at the 1948 Olympics
The __, (Snipes and DeNiro movie)
Anthony William (or Anton Wilhelm) __ , first African to attend a European university
Famed pianist, composer and band leader during the big band era in the 1930's and 40's
J. Terry __, became the first Black bishop in the state of Tennessee
Former middleweight champ that beat Hitman Heams, Marvin Hagler, an Roberto Duran
"The __ Man", a Keenan Ivory Wayans and Steven Segal movie
In 1901 this President created a scandal when he invited Booker
He played the bartender on the classic TV series The Love Boat
Basketball Legend known as the Big O
1973 vampire movie starring Pam Greier and William Marshall
He led one of the most famous slave uprisings
Jesse __ founded the first Black owned bank in Chicago
Funk band htat had the 1975 hit, 'Cut the Cake"
Sacred writings of Islam
Boxer with the nickname Real Deal
__ Riley, creator of the 1980s New Jack Swing style of music
One of John H, Johnson's publications
__ Perez costarred in the movie "White Men Can't Jump"
Civil Rights activist who was assassinated in front of his Mississippi home in 1963
This team won six NBA titles in 1990s
David __ had the Grammy Award winning 1981 album Voyeur
"One Down __ __ __" movie starring Fred Williamson, Jim Brown and Richard Roundtree
He starred in "Kiss the Girls" and "The Shawshank Redemption"
Albert __, pre bebop jazz saxophonist that used shrieks and wide register leaps to express emotion
Eubie __, legendary pianist and composer of ragtime and show tunes
Number of Grammy's Michael Jackson won for the album Thriller
Ruby __ had a lead role in the classic film A Raisin in the Sun