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Horticulture Insects - Chapter 30

The hardened forewings of beetles.
Hardened external skeleton found in all insects.
Type of insect that feeds on multiple plant species that are closely related.
Type of insect that feeds on only one plant species.
Structure on a female insect's abdomen that is used to deposit eggs.
Process in which insects pass through a life cycle stages.
Parchment like forewings found in grasshoppers and cockroaches.
Process of asexual reproduction in insects.
Modified mouth part that allows insects to sip liquids.
Small opening in an insect egg through which sperm enters.
Study of Insects.
Rapid stage of insect growth & development, when the embryo goes through cellular division.
Special reproductive feature found in female insects that stores sperm.
Insect goes through 4 phases, egg, larva, pupa, & adult.
Insect development phase between two periods of molting.
Small rigid plate that is part of the exoskeleton of an insect.
Type of insect that eats a WIDE range of plants.
Modified eye structure that detects changes in light intensity.
A part of the insect mouth that is modified for specialized feeding.
One of the forewings of true bugs that is slightly thickened at the base.
A chemical signal between different species.
Visual sensory facets that make up an insect's compound eyes.
Type of insect that eats plants.
Modified mouthpart that allows insects to pierce the epidermal layer of a plant or animal & withdraw liquids.
Allows and insect to survive unfavorable conditions.
Hairs that cover some insects- used to send signals to the insect to react in some way.