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Black History Crossword #3

Rayford __, former professor emeritus of history at Howard Univ and author of numerous books on African American history
"The Nutty __" (Eddie Murphy movie)
__ White Band, (funk/jazz band, had the hit "Pick up the Pieces"
Belonging to the same family
Count __ (famous pianist composer and band leader during big band era of 1930s
Alex Haley's ground breaking novel
"Insecure" cable channel
Funk band that had the hit "Back in Love Again"
__ Hayes, soul album "Hot Buttered Soul"
Whitney Houston hit from "Waiting to Exhale"
Mythological figure of the NOI whose work lead to the creation of the white race
Group formed by ex members of the group Slave. They had the hit "In the Mood to Groove"
"Too __" Kool & The Gang
Mary Mecleod Bethune was a member of this US President's "Black Cabinet" of advisers on racial matters
Grandma __, folk painter
Prince's slow jam from his album Signs of the Times
__ __ Two, Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock hit song
This baseball team's homestate was a slaveholder but remained with Union during the Civil War
Arrested Development's hit song from their 1992 debut album
Meadowlark __(Harlem Globetrotter
Folk-blues singer that wrote the song "Goodnight Irene"
__ Lightning, Richard Pryor movie
Actress __ Long, starred in "Love Jones"
Evelyn __, starred in "Melancholy Dame"
Wallace E __, first Black Secretary of Labor for Florida
Shirley __, wrote the songs "The Nitty Gritty" and "The Name Game"
Louie Armstrong's nickname
Bill Pickett invented the technique called bulldogging which is used in this sport
He and Rakim had the rap hit, "I know you Got Soul"
__ Robertson (legendary NBA player that once averaged a triple double for the entire season
Oleta __ had the hit "Get Here"
Zulu warrior and king that united African tribes in the mid 1800s
Sonny Liston became heavyweight champion when he knocked this boxer out in the first round
Carl __, "She's a Bad Mama Jama"singer
Gangster movie starring Lawrence Fishburne
Hard stone used to help start fire
Lonette __, Actress in "The Cotton Club"
She wrote the classic novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced this groups hit "Just Be Good to Me"