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Bentley History

In 1926 becomes chairman and provides financial support
Bentley earned this by providing quality products to the royal family
This prestigious magazine names Bentayga best Luxury SUV 2017
Bentley has won Britains top _____ award for 6 years running
This Ian Fleming character drove a Bentley in the 1953 Casino Royale
The first Bentley since 1930 to be entirely designed by Bentley
Shared mindset with customers of yesterday today and tomorrow
Bentley founders first name
The Bentley boys drove old no 7 through the night at le mans with this strapped to the windscreen
This is a race track in UK and a Bentley vehicle
A Bentley rotary engine made this the most successful British fighter aircraft in WW1
In the past 15 years production has increased this much yet energy usage has been reduced
The crewe factory produced vehicle for two of these starting in 1946
On July 10 2019 Bentley will reach this
This 1920 Bentley was fast yet too fragile for endurance racing
WO invented a new alloy that was almost 90% this.
Man who beat the Blue Train from Cannes to Calais
In 2011 an ice speed record was set in this Bentley
Bentley have been making these grand tours since 1919
The street name of location of new R&D center