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Big IQ Kids Spelling List #27

Teacher: Mrs. Brewster
A mark or stain that damages the appearance of something; a weakness or flaw
To put off until later, delay
To destroy; the remainder of a building that has fallen into disrepair
Giving the impression that something harmful or evil will happen
Extremely useful
Danger of loss, harm, or failure
To group or label items in an organized way
A minor illness or condition
The state of being extremely poor
To stray off or trail behind; to spread out in a scattered fashion
A person who rules over a kingdom or an empire
A basic rule or law on which others are based; a belief used to tell right from wrong
Avoiding unnecessary risks or mistakes
A large building with extensive floor area, typically for housing an aircraft
Relating to seeing or sight; a picture or display used to illustrate or accompany something
To fall or drop straight down at high speed
A large vault for burying the dead, typically underground
To stretch or reach across; the full reach or length of something, especially between two points