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History of Australia & Canada

There were other colonies that were established that were not penal colonies
This refers to the first 11 boats that left from England in May of 1787 and landed in January of 1788
This is where the Vikings are from
These are the native peoples of Canada
He claimed part of Canada for France
France would not let anyone move to New France who was not what
This is what the Vikings called their ships
This is how the first people of Australia were believed to have gotten there
The Vikings gave this country its name
Because of conflicts between the English and the French, the British government passed what
This is a settlement that is used to exile or separate prisoners from the general population
This is a large wind instrument that was used by the Aborigines
This rebellion is where 400 convicts rebelled against 57 troops, but were crushed
This was one of the chief industries of the early colonies of Australia
This instrument makes loud humming noises in order to ward off evil spirits during ceremonies and burials
In 1841, Upper and Lower Canada were united, which established what
The Vikings were the last to convert to what
Vikings wrote sagas in which they recorded visiting a place the called what
Explorer John Cabot claimed the land of Canada for England and named it what
The Vikings orally presented stories and tales called
Muscle-power and what were the only way to make headway on the seas
This explorer is credited with the first mapping of the eastern coast of Australia