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History of Art & Architecture Crossword Puzzle

Was found at Susa (present day Shush,Iran). This piece of work is approximately 6'6" in height and is carved from limestone. The work depicts powerful symbolism, hierarchical scale, and heroism. (2254-2218 BCE)
This piece of art is from Uruk, but remains in the Iraq Museum, Baghdad. This piece is approximately 8"or 20.3cm tall and is carved from Marble. These kinds of statues were placed inside temples.
Crafted from diorite rock, and dedicated to the goddess of Geshtinanna Gudea.Cuneiform inscriptions can be found carved into the long garment of the statue figure. This work of art can be found in Musée de Louvre, Paris.
Created by the idea of a half-human half-beast. It is from Hohlenstein-Stadel, Germany. It can be found in the Ulmer Museum in Ulmer, Germany.
Can be found in Western Arnhem Land, Australia (6000 BCE). This piece is considered to be rock art, with the main accent color being a shade of red.
One of the two temples of Uruk, meaning "sky god".
Can be found in The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. The work of art appears to have a glossy outer coat, and is carved from alabaster. This piece has a diameter of 10"or 25.6cm.
Twelve human-like figures carved from limestone, alabaster & gypsum. Can be found in The Oriental Institute Museum, at The University of Chicago.
Has a height measurement of 36" or 91cm. The piece of art consists lightly carved humans, animals and patterns from alabaster stone. This piece can be found in the Iraq Museum, Baghdad.
One of the two temples of Uruk, meaning "the goddess of love and and war.