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Isaac and Chase/Mack

When one's tissue lining the inside of their uterus is found outside their uterus
Organ that carries the fetus
When you stop having periods due to hormonal changes
The makeup of one's sexual parts
Uterus or testicles are classified as these
A routine every so often to make sure one is healthy
A way to get a close up look at your cervix
Male sex organ
When two people reproduce
A treatment that prevents cervical cancer
A hormone that controls your menstrual cycle
A cancer females can get in their breast area
Female sex organ
An unborn human child still living inside the mother
Also known as when you have your period
One's assigned sex
The irritation of one's vagina or vulva
When a doctor or nurse inspects a females reproductive organs
When one feels their gender identity is inaccurate, they identify as this
The state of well-being