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Physical and Chemical Properties

How well a substance conducts electricity or heat energy
Describes how matter responds to a magnetic field
The way the surface of a substance looks in the light
Describes the change in volume as a substance is heated or cooled (two words)
The extent to which a material can be stretched without breaking
A substance’s ability to resist being scratched
The maximum amount of a substance that can dissolve in water
Solid formed when two liquids react
Properties that can be observed or measured without changing the chemical makeup of the substance
Water sticks to itself
Ability of a substance to react quickly with oxygen to produce heat energy and light
A measure of the tendency of a substance to evaporate
How easily a substance can be molded, bent, & shaped
Objects on the opposite side are not clearly visible, but are still slightly visible
The resistance of a liquid to flow or pour
Describes how much mass is in a specific volume
Water sticks to other substances
The feel of the surface of a substance
Property of a substance that describes how it reacts when it changes into a new substance or substances
Not allowing light or an image to be seen though