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The nature of force: P.H. ch2

The illustration shows a _________ with unbalanced forces (still accelerating)_59
A 10 Newton force applied to a 5 kg mass will have an acceleration of _______ m/s2 pg 53 (equation)
Newton's 2nd law: Force = Mass X __________ 53
According to 'conservation of momentum' when objects collide, total momentum does not _________ 68
Balanced forces result in no ______ of motion (no acceleration)_46
Newtons first law is about ____________ 48
According to Newtons first law, objects in motion will continue _______ unless acted upon by an unbalanced force_48
An increase in mass will result in a _________ in acceleration_54
The illustration shows a _______ at terminal velocity (balanced forces)_59
Cars want to have low rolling & fluid friction, but high ________ friction_57
Balanced forces have a net force of _________ 47
The strength of __________ depends on the types of surfaces, and how hard the surfaces push together_56
___________ forces will change an objects motion_46
An object that is thrown is called a _______ 58
Two forces in opposite directions _________ 45
Friction acts in a direction _________ of it's motion_56
Equal forces acting in opposite directions are ________ forces_46
Forces are described by how strong they are and their __________45
A reaction forces is ________ and opposite_65
Without friction you would have a hard time ________ 57
Newton's third law can be summarized as: Action-_________ 64
Inertia is an objects tendency to _________ change in motion_48
Forces added together is the ________ force _46
Objects with more _________ have more inertia_49
In force diagrams _______ arrows show stronger forces_45
Ball bearings help to reduce _________ friction_57
A push or a pull_44