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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Natural History Museum 2019

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The imaginary straight line about which a planet spins, or rotates.
The point at which the Sun is as far north far or as far south of the equator as possible.
Daylight is equal in both the northern and southern hemispheres
A division of the year that is determined by Earth's tilt relative to the sun
A building equipped with a telescope for viewing the real sky.
The star in the sky towards which the Earth's axis is pointed in the northern hemisphere.
The average weather at a certain place over a period of many years.
The state of the air or atmosphere at a a given time or place, including the temperature, cloudiness, pressure, humidity, etc.
The line drawn around the Earth, halfway between the north and south poles.
The spinning of planets and moons about their axes.
A machine which projects images of stars, the Sun, Moon, and planets onto a domed ceiling.
The movement of an object in a path (orbit) around another object.
The time required for the Earth to orbit once around the Sun.