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American Revolution

First major southern port to fall to the British in the southern campaign (1779)
British general who surrendered to Washington
Baron von ____, Prussian nobleman who helped bring discipline
Winter camp of the Continental Army
Battle whose loss led to the taking of Philadelphia
River famously crossed by Washington
Most famous traitor of early American history
Turning point of the southern campaign, Jan 1781
Naval Commander, John Paul ____
"These are the times that try men's _____." -- Thomas Paine
George Rogers ____, famous frontier commander, leader at Vincennes
Important Continental victory that stopped the British from isolating New England
French hero of the Revolution
One of the disastrous battles in the fall on 1776
Molly ____, woman/women known for their work on Revolutionary battlefields
"Turning Point" battle, Dec 26 '76
Second major southern port (SC) taken by the British in the southern campaign
Location of British surrender
Continental commander who helped save the southern campaign, including at 17 -A
General who brought cannons to Boston, got Washington across the river and lined up the munitions at Yorktown.
Treaty of _____ 1783