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History ch. 55-57

An event (or time) marked by an event that begins a new period or development
The process of an animal being preserved in a hard, petrified form
Bestselling book written for common people
Scientist who pioneered the classification of plant organs
The belief that "lower animals" (worms, flies, rats, etc.) emerged from rotting substances
A naturalist on the H.M.S. beagle
Irish scholar who declared that the Creation occured on October 26, 4004 b.c.
John Ray's book describing every known plant
The first book where the word "species" was clearly defined
Two latin terms describing genus and species.
French guy who experimented with fermentation
First book about modern geology
An easier way to classify animals
A layer of sedimentary rock or soil
Rich, popular scientist who wrote about nature and calculated the supposed age of the earth