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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Flora and Fauna

Dorsal surface
Smartest invertebrates
Big snake
Latin for I love
Sessile organism
Passes sugar to STM
19th letter
Syllable heard at Christmas
Like to wander in sponges
Dominant gametophyte
Old time form of ajar
Water movement through cytoplasm
Cell with flagella
An early video game
Said when one can't hear
Makes ATP for a seedling
Arthropods do this to grow
Mesoderm gives rise to this
A hesperidium
Auxin causes this in the nucleus
In addition to
Dr O, when she sings
No body cavity
Clam body fluid with -lymph
Keeps water out of a leaf
Makes cGMP
Container often made of tin
Symbol for neon
Controls mineral flow into plant
Nematode parasite
meaning of "homeo"
Contains starch in root
Trees without leaves
Runs through phloem
Occurs due to Root Pressure
Where you might find arthropods
Get rid of
Means mouths
An embryo gets more complex this way
The lonliest number
Not vascular or dermal
Describes a sponges sperm and eggs
Country mother
Dessert plants
Pine reproductive structures
Mouth develops first
Yarn machine
Water enters a sponge here
Light that activates stoma opening
Yiddish phrase of exasperation
Humans belong to this group
Crime never does this...
Mouth and an anus
Contains suckers and hooks
Monocot roots
Money machine
Causes acne
Require a constant water film
Abbrev. for a dictionary
Season for big xylem
Two cell layers
How worms evade the immune system
Follows the word spot in an animal
Himalayan monster
Evolutionary branch point
7th letter in Greek alphabet
Crack pilot
One mineral a plant might need
A poke in the behind
Gives rise to skin in animals
A digit that simple animals don't have
To long for
Where plants grow but not algae
Egyptian spirit
Part of the Periderm
Possessive word when an apostrophe is added
Activated by transcription factors
Used to call attention
A type of arthropod
Juvenile louse
Indicates a woman's maiden name
Operating system
Removing apical dominance
Animal with radial symmetry
Article in French
Causes phototropism
Bread from heaven
A musical note
Seeps from a wound
Why planaria have greater surface area
Mollusc circulatory system
Bye Bye
Water potential of pure water
Much ____________ about nothing
Symbol for iron