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Ancient Greece

Government in which the people hold power
Early Greek civilization that fought the Trojan War
Storyteller, like Homer
Greek soldier
Polis ruled by an oligarchy that had a strong military
Spartan elders who enforced the law
A relative of Solon, he divided large estates among farmers
Settlement in a new territory that has close ties to its homeland
Spartan word for a slave
High area in the middle of a polis
Someone who seizes power and rules with total authority
Early civilization on the island of Crete
Ruled after Peisistratus, he made the assembly Athens' major governing body
Land surrounded by water on three sides
Government in which a few wealthy people hold power
Greek city-state
Greek fighting formation
Temple to Athena on the Acropolis
Greek historian who described Spartan life
Polis ruled by democracy that had a strong navy
Ruler of Athens who ended the farmers' debt and freed slaves