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20 Questions - The History of Lori and Michael

Happy Valentine's Day of 2019
What a long, strange trip it's been.
First city where Lori stepped on Asian soil.
Dog that is so smart he's conned Lori into pampering him shamelessly.
Northeast US city Lori visited twice to see Michael
Kid who jokes M might be his actual father.
We stayed at a grand old British hotel at this Indian city on the water.
Lori's incredibly broad minded Carrick roommate
Northern California city Lori visited to see Michael
North Pakistani city where we met pal Abid.
Southern California county we have visited twice
Michael's high school chum and Lori's grownup chum.
Michael's fun and super mellow Carrick roommate
Our chum in New England
Knoxville restaurant on that fateful night
Pakistan city where we stayed at a Holiday Inn by the Margala Hills
Vol QB the night we beat Mississippi State in Atlanta to win SEC championship - the rest of that night was even better.
Disputed territory with great lake and romantic (wasted romance) boats
Dog named after cupcake
Ancient ruins in Pakistan's Sindh province where we hardly spoke because we were bickering
Name of road where we first impersonated the two backed beast
Fearsome 8th grade basketball star for Franklin, the first night we were in the same room at the same time.