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Dog Breeds

A non-sporting group dog. Typically white with a fluffy head
A sporting group from Germany, nicknamed the "Gray Ghost"
A member of the terrier group, this breed is nicknamed the, "American Gentleman." These sturdy dogs are kind and mischievous
This breed's spotted coat gives it away almost instantly. They were bred to be guard dogs of horses and stage coaches
A popular nickname for this member of the terrier group, this stocky and muscular dog is known for its loyalty and strength. They were once used as nanny dogs to guard children while the parents were away
A member of the hound group, this dog has a red coat and a signature "mohawk"
Bred to be a hunter, these "hot-dogs" are brave, stubborn, and a member of the hound group
A Mexican symbol, this "purse dog" is one of the oldest breeds in the Americas
A popular nickname for this dog hailing from Australia, these tough ranch dogs are just as smart as they are stubborn
This British spaniel is known for their silky, rich colored coat and large round eyes. They're named after a popular British monarch
These graceful dogs are known as the perfect sprinters of the canine species
This dog is a bold, bewhiskered farm dog from Germany. They are great watch dogs and loyal to their family
Member of the terrier group, bred in Scottland to root out foxes and small, furry prey
These small "city dogs" are the only breed originating in Cuba. They're known for their long, fluffy coat and outgoing personalities
This working breed is a descendant of the mastiffs that traveled with the Roman legion. This gentle giant is a huge snuggle bug
This lovable breed is ranked #1 on the list of AKC dogs for popularity. They're great family dogs who love to socialize and exercise
While not an AKC recognized breed, this curly haired mutt is very popular. They're known for their friendliness and unwavering energy
This American breed is loyal, active, and often sports a wrinkly forehead. They move similarly to the athletes they're named after, graceful and smooth
Sporting dog, typically have a red coat
Ranking #2 in breed popularity, this German working dog is known for its loyalty, courage, and the ability to learn multiple tasks
A small breed that originated in China and spent most of their time working in palaces
Known for their loose skin and pushed in nose, these muscular dogs are courageous and friendly
These muscular, double-coated dogs are native to Japan and are known for their courage and loyalty