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Black History Month

First African American Millionaire Who Invented Hair Care Products
Black Jazz Singer from Harlem Who Inspired the Character Betty Boop
1st College for African Americans
Human Rights Activist and an American Muslim Minister
Jamaican sprinter who Became the First Man to Set 3 World Records in a single Olympics
First African American Woman to Run for Democratic Party Presidential Nomination
A Former Slave Who Founded the Tuskagee Institute
First African American President
Civil Rights Activist who Wrote the "I Have a Dream Speech"
Escaped North to Freedom and Joined Abolitionist Movement
Nine Months Before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, this 15 Year Old Girl Refused to Move to the Back of the Bus
First African American Female Pilot
Motivator of Martin Luther King
Separating Black People and White People
Name of Political Party Founded in 1966 in Oakland to protect African American Neighborhoods
War Between North and South