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Costume History

men's short close fitting jacket
stiff hat with a tall conical crown
similar to shoelaces
tunic worn by knights
a form of draped clothes that were held in place by pins, knee length for men ankle for women
a skirt that used hoops to keep it wide
a dark colored toga that shrank over time
making regular cuts into a fabric of garment
fine leather gloves that were decorated with gold thread
were a catholic military order
worn over the Chemise
the draw string through the upper edge of the shirt
large to cover the neck head and chin
carried under the arm
women's undergarment
a piece of material that was used as a loin-cloth
was worn over the tunic
a small handbag
baggy breeches fastened below the knee
an unstiffened tunic
made with a slit to pass over the head
a snug fitted jacket that was shaped to fit the body
metal tip of shoelace
french word for basket, the hoops under the skirt
rimless cap