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Black History Month Cross Word Puzzle

People who write poetry
Green vegetable
To give for a common purpose
Teaching or schooling
First Black to receive an academy award for best actor
Because of their fight we have a blank
To apply your mind to learning
Known for I am sick and tired of being sick and tired-civil rights activist
Dr Carter G. Woodson started blank
One of the soul food items that has cheese
construct or make something that didn't exist before
A name for army, navy, marines
The man who started black history week
Something that may happen or come to pass
Author who wrote Roots
Street named after him in Champaign Illinois - he was given a commendation for his bravery aboard the ship West Virginia during the attack from the Japanese - Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941
A group of persons connected by common descent or origin
One from whom a person comes from
Won Best Supporting Actor in the film Gone With the Wind
Feeling a positive satisfaction
A poet from Chicago Illinois
The heavenly Father of Jesus Christ and Us
A scientific person
The President who officially designated February as Black History Month - 38th President of the US
The state of being free
To give information
Relating to Americans of African descent
Soul food - a pea that has a black eye
To provide entertainment
A pitch, harmony or rhythm
Someone who passes away
To observe or commemorate ceremonies
He's Got the Whole blank in His hands