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Black History word search continued

Slaves were considered property not blank
A word for getting rid of slavery
Type of music
Meat from an ox
The behavior of people
Frederick Douglas was a blank
Another word for accomplishment
Jesus blank
Promised liberty but failed to end slavery
To blank the alphabet
What every human is entitled to
Who was John Newton
Another name for Africa
Abuse of African American
Song written by John Newton
City where hip-hop was started
The story of Christ and the Apostles life
Full name of Nat Turner
A style of jazz music
Disobey God
Library named after him in Champaign Illinois
Spoke on human rights joined Frederick Douglas
People who wanted to get rid of slavery
Martin Luther King Jr Speech I have a blank
Opposite of white potato
The motherland
Soul food not always liked
Kentucky blank blank
Twin city
To hang on to struggle through
My Lord and blank
A reading, study place with books
A body of salt water
To blank a book
To play blank music begins with a J