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The History of Attica, Ohio

Luster Sutton was the founder of the ____ Bank in 1878.
In October 1933, during the Attica Fair, the ____ anniversary of Attica was celebrated.
A ____ in 1886 and another in 1889 destroyed fifteen business places in the heart of Attica.
In 1933, a ____ destroyed homes and buildings.
North Central ____ was established on North Main Street.
Elra Neikirk and Robert Shetterly showed the first ____ in Attica. The building stood where the Drive-In now stands.
In 1936, Edgar Bernard started the Attica Public ____.
The Opera ____ was on South Main Street. This housed entertainment and club dances.
The first ____ in Attica was located in Caroline. It was built in 1915.
The first ____ had been created at the west end of the village in 1839.
In 1830, the ____ received $12 a month. It was a term of three months.
Erza Gilbert, the founder of Attica, built a ____ on the corner of the Main Street in 1833.
The first Attica ____ was held on October 16,17, and 18, 1877.
____ Park was named after Rolla and Nina Myers.
In 1876, the first Attica Journal was printed. Now it is known as the Attica____.