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US History Ch. 3 & 4

The way goods, wealth, & services are created & used
An action to keep supplies from getting into or out of an area
To send goods to another region or country
A colonist who wanted independence from Great Britain
An open area shared by all the villagers
Money that must be paid to a government
A newly settled or lightly settled area just outside an area of older settlements
A group of people who decide whether a person on trial is guilty or innocent
Rights given to people by the government
A public statement
An item brought into a country or region from another country or region
The idea that a nation becomes stronger by building up its gold supply & increasing its trade
A nation that joins with other nations for the same cause
to surrender something
A colonist who remained loyal to Great Britain
To trade a product or service for another product or service
To control
To end
A sudden, complete change of government
a person selected to act for others
An official government announcement
Not favoring either side in a quarrel or war
An army of citizens used in emergencies