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History Chapter 29

Famous General from Carthage
Rome and Carthage fought for many years because they both wanted to control trade around the _________Sea.
The Roman general got the Carthaginians to leave Italy by attacking the city of __________
Man who defeated Carthage
Romans learned how to build ships by taking apart a Carthaginian ship that wrecked on the coast of ________
When the great general Carthage heard that the war was over, he killed himself by drinking ________
The Romans made many ________ to their gods asking for help in defeating Carthage.
The Carthaginians were able to sneak into Italy by going over the __________
Claudius Pulcher took a sacred _______on his ship to bring him good fortune in battle.
What unusual thing did the Carthaginians use to attack the Romans?
At first, Carthage had the advantage because they had a _______(soldiers who knew how to sail ships)