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Tabor-Wing History Puzzle

Built Tabor-Wing in 1820 (2 wds)
Riding crop
Once stuffed with feathers or straw
Architectural style of TW house
Medicinal worm used to treat obesity, insanity, gout, insomnia and migraines!
Without technology these were fun to do! e.g. Chess, checkers, cards
To propel a boat with oars
Clothing made with yarn and two needles
Rendered animal fat used to make candles and soap
A vase wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.
A horse-drawn carriage
Paddle for a boat
Ceramic china
First Settlement of Dover Plains (2 wds)
Neckband for men, like a tie
Area for growing vegetables (2 wds)
Burned in place of wood in a cast-iron stove.
Teeth-like Designs above outside windows
Lamps needed them to burn and provide light (2 wds)
Essential plants used for dyes, cooking, medicine, fragrance and more
Decorating fabric with needle and thread
Outdoor bathroom
Light source pre-electricity (2 wds)
Another word for room
Natural light source
Birds need to fly & part of this museum name
Tip needs to be sharpened and then dipped in ink
Tightly fitting undergarment for men and women
1820 is in this century
Elliptical leaded glass window above front door at Tabor-Wing (2 wds)
Spinning wonder toy
President in 1820
Opposite of busy
Tree depicted in mourning. The bark was used to make medicine
Building for refrigeration and freezing (2 wds)
Vehicle pulled by a team of horses
Profiles cut in black paper and framed in 19thC homes
Toilet used before indoor plumbing (2 wds)
Device for spinning yarn (2 wds)
Indoor parlor game
Pecans for example, grow on them (2 wds)
19thC game for girls played outside
Family sitting room
Dip your quill into this to write, but don't make a mistake as you cannot erase (2 wds)
Latched wicker fishing basket
Decorative furniture screen to deflect heat or cold (2 wds)
Catching your dinner by on a hot summer's day
19thC outdoor game for boys
Grief expressed by mourning
Activity to do on a horse
A long fluffy scarf
Light source from tallow or beeswax
Card game like bridge
Common inflammation affecting the big toe
Mined from the ironworks of Dover Furnace in the 19thC
Hot beverage from dried leaves of evergreen bushes