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US History Ch. 5 & 6

The making or producing of goods by businesses & factories
The part of government that carries out laws
A group of people chosen by the President to give advice
The act of forcing a person into public services, especially into a navy
A partnership
Land that belongs to a national government but is not a state
a part that can be used in place of another part in manufactured products
A large gathering of people for a particular reason
A method of making large numbers of goods quickly & cheaply
A settling of differences where both sides give up something
A government order that stops trade with other countries
The part of government that settles differences about the meanings of law
A person selected to vote for the President & Vice President
A change or addition to a document
The part of government that makes laws
The laws & plans of a nation's government
To approve
A person who watches over & directs the work of others
Pride in one's country
a machine that separates cotton from its seeds
Woven cloth
a set of beliefs