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Amphibians and Fish

Fish reproduce ________
Enables a fish to sense its environment
Most fish have ________Fertilization
Long slender bodies
Amphibians are great ______
Sharks, Rays and Skates
Rough skin with shorter legs
Fish exchange oxygen and CO2 over their _____
Body temperature stays at a constant temp internally
Lampreys and Hags
Inactivity during the winter
Hard thin plates that cover the skin and protect the body
Inactivity during the hot dry months
Air sac that allows the fish to change its density
Fish have a ________ heart
Walleye, Perch and Northern Pike
Wet, smooth skin with long legs
Body temperature is based off of the environment surrounding it
Females release their eggs and males come over and dispense their sperm on them to fertilize the eggs.
Some fish such as guppies have _______ fertilization