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History Creating Canada

Incorporation of a territory into another territory.
It has arrows that show movement and value of goods.
A landowner who owned large areas of land and lent small parcels to farmers for their use
This person made 19 secret missions deep into the southern states to guide black people to Canada West
American belief in a clear right and duty to expand throughout North America.
War fought between northern and southern states.
Power to govern and make laws is divided between the central and regional governments.
July 1867 was known as Dominion Day.
To bring into conformity or adapt to the customs and attitudes of a group
Power to govern and make laws is held by a strong, central government.
A desire for people sharing a common culture, language, and history to form an independent nation.
Descendants of early French settlers of New France.
Successful New Brunswick businessman and politician.
An Irish-Catholic organization in Ireland and The United States that turned to violence in an effort to liberate Ireland from British Rule.
Sold and rented land to Canadiens.
First Prime minister of Canada.
Trade agreement between Britain and The Unites States.
The legal recognition that a particular territory belongs to a specific First Nations group.
A union of colonies in British North America.
An aboriginal person descended from a First Nation mother and a father of European descent.