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Civil War History

Grant trapped Lee's army in their defense of _____.
As president Abraham Lincoln led his people through the _____
Jefferson Davis had a large cotten _____.
Sojourner truth escaped slavery and became an _____.
Ulysses Grant was the Commanding _____ of the Union Army.
The underground railroad was a _____ to help slaves escape.
Harriet Tubman is most famous for leading slaves along the _____ railroad.
Sojourner helped _____ black troops for the Union Army.
Robert Lee led the ______ armies as a general during the Civil War.
Robert Lee served in the _____ War.
Fredrick Douglass became a leader of the abolitionist _____
Jefferson Davis was the first and only ______ of the Confederacy.
Before the war Jackson Davis was a _____ from Mississippi.
Douglass was a great ____, writer, and statesman
Jackson got his nickname _____ at the First Battle of Bull Run
Lincoln was the first president to be ____.
Robert Lee was also a senior military ____ to president Jefferson Davis.
Douglass helped the _____ by serving as a recruiter.
Tubman _____ her own family one by one bringing them out of Maryland.
Jackson was considered to be one of the most gifted _____ commanders in U.S. history.