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US History Ch. 9 & 10

A person who wanted to end slavery
A person killed, injured, or captured in war
Drafting of people for military service
Rule by an army of by elected officials
A network of secret escape routes enslaved African Americans followed to reach freedom in the North
Unjust treatment of a person based on false ideas about a particular group
The destruction of food, equipment, & anything else of use to soldiers & civilians
A person who has served in the armed forces
A person whose opinions are very different from those of most people
A state in which slavery was allowed
A system that allowed people in a territory to make their own decisions
To break away from, as a sate leaving the Union
A war between regions or groups of people in the same country
Loyalty to one region of a country instead of to the whole country
A state in which slavery was not allowed
a slave state between the North & the South that remained in the Union during the Civil War
To murder a political leader like a President
A person who is not a soldier
A person who runs away or escapes