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US History Ch. 11 & 12

A large area of level or slightly rolling land
farming someone else's land while paying a share of the crops raised for rent
The separation of people by race
Across a continent
The handing down of information, beliefs, & customs from one generation to another
A name for a Northerner who went to the South after the Civil War
A name for a white Southerner who supported Reconstruction government
To accuse a high public official (like the President of the United States) of a crime
The time period after the Civil War when the United States began to rebuild the South
Public land set aside by the government for the use of a particular group of people
A person who received land under the Homestead Act of 1862
A person who searches for gold, silver, or other valuable minerals
A camp that grows into a town almost overnight
A tax paid before someone can vote
Rights belonging to all citizens
A series of southern laws to limit the freedom of African Americans
A person freed from slavery