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Animals - Protostomes: Lophotrochozoa, Ecdysozoans

Author: Corey
Subphylum that has 1 pair of antennae and 3 body segments, the head, thorax, and abdomen.
Process of shedding outer layer.
Type of metamorphosis where young undergo a series of larval stage, including an inactive stage before becoming an adult.
Phylum that has coelmate with a hydrostatic skeleton, trochophore larvae, and segmentation of their body.
Phylum that are dorsoventrally flattened.
Larvae type ring of cilia around middle, used in movement & feeding.
Phylum that has pseudocoelomate, is not segmented, has a hydro static skeleton, and is free living or parasitic.
Feeding structure with cilliated tentacles that form a ring around the mouth.
Reproductive process were a female produces unfertilized eggs that grow in to females
Subphylum that is mostly marine, has 2 specialized body regions, and often has branched appendages.
Specialized body regions.
Phylum that has pseudocoelomate, a hydrostaic skeleton, and lacks lophophore and trochophore.
Phylum that has shell secreting mantel, an muscular foot, and viscersal mass their three major body divisions.
Body cavity filled with fluids. (Reduced Coelem)
Subphylum that has 1 to 2 pairs of legs per body segment.
Metamorphosis were young are similar to adult, differ in sexual maturity and size.
Class of Mollusca that are exclusively marine and have an 8 plated embedded mantel.
Protosomes that grow & shed external skeleton.
Protosomes that grow incrementally & continuously.
Phylum that has an exoskeleton, jointed appendages, and specialized body regions.