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Black History Month: Unsung Heroes

Created the potato chip because a customer kept sending his fries back
Mississippi blues guitar legend who supposedly made a deal with the devil to get his guitar playing skills
Mailed himself to freedom in a box
Hijacked a Confederate boat by impersonating the captain and driving the boat south during the night to save his family and other slaves
Overthrew privateers who took his ship and wanted to sell him back into slavery
Most photographed man of the 19th century who never smiled in his pictures to show that slaves were not as happy as slave owners wanted to make them out to be
Track star who won 4 gold medals in the Berlin Olympics over which Hitler presided
Famous boxer who fought one of Hitler's fighters and won before donating his winnings to the war effort against the Nazis
Actress, singer, and dancer who became a spy for France against the Axis powers in WWII
Surgical technician who found the surgery to save babies from Blue Baby Syndrome even though he never went to medical school
First man to set foot on the north pole and the first Black arctic explorer
First Black woman to gain a pilot's license
First Black woman in space