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US History Ch. 13, 14 & 15

Keeping a person or a group from coming in
A group of workers that tries to help its members
A large company formed by a group of investors
System that includes most government workers who are appointed rather than elected
A government grant that allows only the inventor to make, use, & sell an invention for a certain time
A system in which private businesses, farms, & factories compete with one another to make a profit
A tax paid on the money a person earns
Money paid to get someone to do something
A neighborhood where people of the same race, religion, or community live
a giant corporation, or group of companies
Damage to the land, air, & water from harmful materials
An illegal payment of money made in return for a favor or service
A community set up & run by a company for its workers
a time period when making, selling, & transporting alcohol was unlawful in the United States
A very tall building with many floors, elevators, & a steel frame
A writer who brings attention to corruption
a feeling of citizens who are against immigrants
A movement of people within a country or area
An apartment house with poor safety, sanitation, & comfort conditions
to refuse to work until certain demands, such as higher wages or better working conditions, are met
The complete control of an industry by one company
Feelings against people because of their skin color