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US History 16, 17 & 18

An addition to a document
The way a country deals with other countries
A system in which each worker does a different job in putting together a product
A sharp rise in the price of goods
A time of new interest & activity in the arts
the publishing of exaggerated or made-u news stories to attract readers & influence their ideas
a narrow strip of land that connects two larger-sized lands
A country that is partly controlled & protected by a more powerful country
To add or take possession of a smaller country
An economic system in which the government owns all property & businesses
A person who uses violence for a political cause
A person sent to another country to speak for the government of his or her own country
A garden in which citizens raised their own food during World War I
A contest to build weapons & military power
The payment of money over time toward the total cost of an item
The policy of one nation gaining control over other lands & using them to build an empire
A paper that shows debt, or money owed
A person or country that wants to stay out of the political affairs of other countries
An agreement to stop fighting
the communications that reach large numbers of people
A situation in which neither side wins nor loses
The spreading of ideas, information, & beliefs to help or hurt a cause
To force a person who is not a citizen to leave the country by government order
A kind of music created by African Americans in the South in the early 1900s