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The Secret Life of Bees

The color of the Boatwrights house
The person honored on Mary Day
What Lily calls T-Ray once in the book
The thing T-Ray gave Deborah, but August gave it to Lily
The word written on the back of the picture Lily finds in the attack
The place Lily stays
Lily's punishment from T-Ray
How Lily and Rosaleen make it to Tiburon
The honored statue
The place May commits suicide
The honey Lily see's that helps her find August
How everyone feels when May dies
The girl that fights over the hose with Lily
The person that tells Lily about Deborah
How T-Ray finds lily
Where the honey comes from
A two day long celebration
Black and yellow bugs
Lily has many of these
The girl that killed her self
The person Lily falls in love with
The person June marries
The main character
The place May goes to cry
Lily's mother
August's miracle ingredient
Where Lily sells T-Rays peaches
How Lily Killed her mom
What T-Ray brings to the Boatwright house
The person Lily fears the most
The reason Zach went to Jail
How Lily feels around Rosaleen
The event that makes everyone grieve
A symbol of hope in the book
The Boatwright sisters job
How Lily feels when she finds out her mom left her
The person Lily runs away with
The place Lily is from
Something a beehive can not function with out
How lily feels in the Boatwright house