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Weather Patterns & Severe Storms

Air masses are large bodies of air with uniform temperature and _____
The dome of water that sweeps across the oceans coast where a hurricane lands (2)
The kind of weather that follows a cold front?
The percent of people in the US that live within 75 km of the ocean.
Dry air masses that form over land.
This forms as a boundary between two different air masses
This means a tornado has been spotted.
The type of cloud that can grow vertically 1,000' per minute
Another name for a tropical cyclone
For lake effect snow to occur the air temperature has to be at least this amount of degrees colder than the body of water it goes over
How does the air flow along a stationary front?
Low pressure systems that cause stormy weather are middle- latitude __________
This means that conditions are right for tornadoes to occur
Air masses at low latitudes
A vertical column of cyclonically rotating air that may form a tornado
In the abbreviations of air masses the first letter is always _____-case
Name the front when a cold front overtakes a warm front.
A hurricane's energy comes from huge amounts of condensation of _______ (2)
This can occur in the Great Lakes region after a killing frost. (2)
Most of the precipitation in the eastern 2/3rds of the US is from ______ tropical air masses.
The scale that measures a tornadoes intensity
A name of the rotating column of air in a tornado
Windy and snowy weather off the coast of New England
The rainiest part of a hurricane. (2)
This front has the denser air mass when it moves into a region