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Riley's Archaeological Findings

Fine percussion to shape flakes of stone into usable tools.
An artificial mound; an ancient burial mound; barrow.
A man of the Palaeolithic age; a cave dweller.
A saxon or Scandinavian tomb with sloping sides.
A stone, usually crudely broken, used as a primitive tool in Eolithic times.
A circle of standing stones erected in prehistoric times.
The citadel of an ancient Greek city.
Inscriptions or drawings scratched or carved onto a surface, especially rock or pottery.
A deep trial trench for inspecting stratigraphy.
A coffin made of terracotta.
Another word for barrow.
A small pan.
An ornament or design resembling the palm leaf.
A lump of stone or flint from which flakes or blades have been removed.
Flaked by percussion from two sides along the chopping edge.
An underground chamber or passage.
A Neolithic stone implement.
A Roman rampart or earth work.
A set of arches and their supporting columns.
A long thin flake of flint, possibly used as a tool.