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What I know about Joseph!

Genesis 35: 22-28,  Genesis 18:17- 19, Genesis 37
What did the sun, moon, and stars do to Joseph? Genesis 37:9
I John 4:20 says we cannot love God whom we have not seen, if we hate our _____ whom we have seen
Genesis means ___
How many sons did Jacob have? Genesis 35:22
Job Joseph and his family did for a living Genesis 37:2
The brother that suggested selling Joseph to the Ishmaelites Genesis 37:26
The land where Jacob lived Genesis 37:1
Which son did Jacob love most? Genesis 37:3
What did Joseph's brothers put him into at first Genesis 37:24
Town where Joseph found his brothers Genesis 37:13
Who was Joseph sold to in Egypt? Genesis 37:36
Where was Joseph taken to? Genesis 37:36
Oldest brother of Joseph that tried to save him from death Genesis 37:21
First person promised all nations of the world would be blessed through him Genesis 22:15-18
What kind of report had Joseph given about his brothers when he was about 17 Genesis 37:2
Jacob's father Genesis 35:27
Who all nations would be blessed through Galatians 3:8
Joseph was sent to this town to check on his brothers, but they were no longer there Genesis 37:12
What Jacob thought about Joseph because his brothers brought his coat dripped in blood Genesis 37:33
What Jacob gave Joseph because he loved him so much, made his brothers angry Genesis 37:3
How Joseph's brothers felt about him Genesis 37:4