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American History 2 Unit 1 & 2 Review

Government has partial control over the economy
increase in prices of goods and services
Banned immigration by Chinese
community center for immigrants
Negotiating as a group to get higher wages or better working conditions.
Era where life looks good on the outside but there are serious social problems on the inside.
Reservations were broken up and tribal lands were distributed to individual Indian families.
When a party comes to dominate an area and trades votes for services.
Low-cost multi-family housing designed to squeeze in as many families as possible.
Began as an 8 hour workday protest
Owned by business, rented to employees
complete control of a product or a service
Christian social reform movement
paying rent with a portion of crop
The last armed conflict between the U.S. Army and Native Americans.
property was not fenced in. Cattle could graze freely.
Different cultures blending to create a single culture
Gov't grants to award an inventor to pursue an invention without someone stealing the idea.
preventing African Americans from voting
said that the success of the U.S. was directly tied to the country’s westward expansion
reasons for a person to LEAVE a particular place
replacement workers brought in to break a strike
Hands off aka no government regulation
Government has full control of the economy. No private property.
laws that enforced segregation