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The American Revolution

The King of England during the American Revolution
He was able to convince the French to join with the Continental Army
This is a tax on paper, pamphlets etc. The colonists protested and it was overturned.
This man has the code name John Bolton
This is a battle in Massachusetts in 1770 when 5 people died.
A document written by Thomas Jefferson. It separated America from England
This was when American leaders and English leaders met in Paris and officially ended the war.
This is where the British surrender
An essay written by Thomas Paine toe encourage the colonists to fight the British.
These are the places where the first battles of the Revolutionary War were fought.
He was a British army general that helped the British win many battles. He surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown.
This is considered the place of the turning point of the war when the colonists won a battle.
Colonial people dressed up as Mohawks and dumped 340 chests of a valuable resource in the ocean to protest taxation
He wrote the Declaration of Independence and was the 3rd president.
A member of the Culper Spy Ring.A tavern owner who traveled to NYC to get supplies. He would gather secret information about the British and send it to Abraham Woodhull
A meeting to discuss some things about the British. It was the first colonial government
A whale boat captain. He brought information across the Long island Sound.
He was a spy that got caught and hanged. His famous last words were " I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country,"
The other side in the American Revolutionary War that lost.