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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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The Way People Act

She _____ the door in his face.
A person from southeastern Nigeria.
To assume a fact.
Capabilities, Activities, Limitations, and Intentions.
The meat of a small mooing animal.
The act of using analysis.
Something that offers shelter and safety.
A person originating from Nepal.
Sometimes contains clouds.
Highly sought after university in Massachusetts.
Multiple palm trees with roots creeping roots.
When no animal products are used a product is _____.
Annual Percentage Rate.
Being given a present expectantly would be __________.
A parasite that sucks blood.
A silvery grey metal that is used for construction.
The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
A doorway with a curved top.
The superior people out of a group.
Walking on something in the past.
The Provisional Irish Republican Army.
Propelling a boat with a pole.
He pushed the box _____ so it was out of the way.
When a person never gives up they are?
The Special Air Service.
The organization that is located in Gaza.
To scarfing down food.
When gambling you usually place a ___.
A female that cares for a child.
Traveled very quickly.
An area that is dry and gets little to no rain.
A meson having a mass several times that of a pion.
The Greek goddess of strife and discord.
Multiple female deer.
The longest bone in the human forearm.
Multiple males that are descendants of their father.
Makes bread rise.
Covering something completely.
Doing something as quick as possible.
The capital of Lombardy, Italy.
How the Romans counted 91.
A computer made by Apple.
To express grief or pity.
A plant that climbs, with bad smelling flowers and poisonous yellow fruit.
Individual Voluntary Arrangement.
Being of the German and Irish decent.
Often used in baking but has many other uses.
Force someone or something out of a place.
A semi-evergreen tree with yellow flowers that grow in warm climates that is grown for it's beauty.
The scientific name for the wheel bug
Periods of time in which certain tasks must be completed.
Some say it's better to give this than receive it.
The improvised section of a raga in Indian music.
At the edge of your perception.
When something is done for enjoyment.
Past it's prime.
Charismatic .
A cold, sweet summer drink made from fruit.
The singular installments in a ongoing television show.
A slow decline in how good something works because of misuse.
A surface-to-air missile.
People that believe in Hitlers beliefs.
Neutral term for mental illness.
A mythical being that can devour dreams that originated in Japan.
French painter and sculptor Joan ____.
A unit of weight used in ancient Greece and Asia.
All beginnings have to come to ____.
The shortened version of destination.
It is inside all living organisms.
To commit an immoral act according to religious texts.
Cascading Style Sheets.