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US History Ch. 19, 20 & 21

FDR's plan for helping the US economy during the Great Depression
A ruler with complete power in a country
A member of a political party in Germany led by Adolf Hitler
Money given in addition to what is owed
A worker who travels from place to place to harvest crops
A time when the economy of a nation falls sharply
A plan that let nations at war buy goods that they could pay cash for & then carry home
The policy of giving in to someone's demands in order to keep peace
To fail to pay a loan when it is due
Construction projects paid for by public funds
A person who wants the government to do less for its citizens
Help given to poor people
a long period of very dry weather
To lend or lease supplies to a country whose defense is needed to protect the United States
A radio speech to Americans given by President Franklin Roosevelt
A person who wants the government to do more for its citizen
The practice of hating Jewish people simply because they are Jewish
A government that is under the control of another, stronger power
To take the property of someone who has failed to pay back a loan
A place where stocks, or shares in businesses, are bought & sold
A daytime radio show that was paid for by soap companies
A member of a political party who supports extreme nationalism & a dictator